Freitag, 19. November 2010

Schatz was gibt´s heute?? EINHORN wieso??

Ja Think Geek hat aus ihrem Witz ernst gemacht und vertreibt nun Einhorn Fleisch ^^
Wer schon immer einen Löffel voll Zauberei wollte sollte zugreifen.

Radiant Farms Canned Unicorn Meat Specifications

* 14 ounces of delicious unicorn meat, canned for your convenience
* Imported from a small independent cannery in County Meath, Ireland
* Crunchy horn bits in every bite – an excellent source of Calcium
* Tastes like rotisserie chicken but with a hint of marshmallow sweetness
* Easily spreadable for sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, and more
* Sparkly meat lends the unmistakable air of class and sophistication to your parties
* Unlike other meats, unicorn fat is polyunsaturated and lowers your LDL cholesterol
* Not yet approved by the USDA or FDA, but the nuns have eaten it for centuries and they’re healthy as horses
* Okay, for real: you can’t eat this. It’s a dismembered stuffed unicorn in a can.
* The bottom of the tin is easily removable to gain access to the mini dead unicorn inside. No can opener needed!

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