Freitag, 19. November 2010

Heiligtümer des Todes Rap

Ich stehe auf Nerd Parodien.
Hach wie toll das ist. Und ich liebe Harry Potter ^^
Gibts das irgendwo zum Download?

Hier die Lyrics

The prophecy said how
I'm destined to kill Voldemort now
But I'm still trying to figure out how
So when does Deathly Hallows come out
cuz I can't even handle this right now (yeahhhhh)

Hey Here with ron and hermione we drink butterbeer
oh we be wishin everything was like clear
now that dumbledore's no longer here and
Snape might be a death eater for
all o my fans I hope this all ends well
followin me since we was like twelve
Check my scar and they all just stare
wizards, muggles, everywhere!
Kill Voldy that's the business
All out it's so ridiclous
Death eaters at attention
Don't tell I'm in the building (hey!)
They watchin I know this
fear like petrificus totalus
watch out...EXPELLIARMUS!


Oh Voldemort is like outta control
Hit him with all the spells we know
10 more rounds can I get a KO (while)
Daily prophet's trying to make me pose
Go Kamikaze on the horcrux load
got 2 down now 5 to go
last book makes 2 movies yo
finale bigger than the superbowl!
Go hard! Run the show
That's right in Gringotts money to blow
My broom, my wand when I walk in the door
No hype do it big all over the globe Yeah!
I said it!
Go tell it!
Hogwarts ya!
Who ready?
I'm ready!
You ready!
Lets get it!


f'I see your dark mark brand (hey)
I'll send you to azkaban (hey)
Got everybody in the world wanting to lend a hand
I am a ladies man
Ginny's be my lady and...
We can snog, soo, ahhhhhh
Bring your nimbus we'll play quiddich in the atmosphere
I'll show you how to find the golden snitch while in the air
Fly you around the world
use a portkey if you'd prefer
Are you ready to go now!


Rowling's book's great now
(Put your wands up! )
When is this movie ouuuuut!

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